Jabal Jais Mountain

Jabal Jais -The Best Experiences at Ras Al Khaimah

All You Need to Know Regarding the Highest Mountain of UAE
Touring in UAE i.e. United Arab Emirates can become one of the most memorable visits for you as a tourist. The views are breathtaking, unique sceneries are there, plus the availability of different activities will ensure that you enjoy each moment of your visit.

One such traveling point in the United Arab Emirates is known as Jebel Jais. It is literally the highest mountain located in Eastern side of Ras Al Khaimah. The mountain range where it is located was formed over 70 million years ago.

That being said, Jebel Jais offers much more to a tourist rather than just a tiring visit. You will get to enjoy different activities as the government of UAE has taken many steps to make a trip of this mountain as entertaining as possible.

So, as an explorer, we will be discussing Jebel Jais today in detail. From weather and temperature of this mountain to things you can do and enjoy, I will be stating each and everything so that you can make up your mind before you visit this amazing view.

Let’s take a look without any further ado:

Weather in Jebel Jais:
Although the overall fluctuation of weather in UAE is hotter than normal especially for a foreigner, that is not the case when you visit JJ. This mountain maintains normal weather with a cool breeze blowing all the time.

One of the most fascinating sunrises happens in this mountain. That being said, as the time passes by, Jebel Jais becomes colder and night is when it gets chilly there. So, considering the forecast of this mountain, it is pretty sure that you won’t be feeling hotter no matter at what time you visit it.

The moderate Jebel Jais weather, on the other hand, offers tourists and foreigners to enjoy different activities without any worries.

Jebel Jais Temperature:
The moderate weather of the tallest mountain in UAE, temperature range is different at different times. A cool breeze with gusty winds in the morning keeps the temperature of Jebel Jais lower than 15°C. However, it may rise from 12 pm to 3 pm and can go as higher as 25°C.

At night, there is yet again a fall in temperature of that area as there is chilliness in the wind. So, the temperature can get as lower as 17°C. If we take an overview of the temperature, it is extremely moderate considering the overall heat that UAE offers when you visit it.

Now that you’ve made up a mind of visiting one of the best places in UAE, I will be listing down some things to do in Jebel Jais. So, stay tuned if you need to explore the opportunity to explore this mountain:

Longest Zipline Experience at Jebel Jais

Jais Flight, at 2,83 km long is the longest international zipline.You will fly at speeds up to 150 km/h, and soar over jagged mountains.You will feel like a superhero for three minutes at 1680m above the Arabian Gulf.

Camping Timeout at JebelJais

This is a great place to enjoy mountings.Although the Jabel Jais zipline may be considered to be the longest in all of Europe, seniors and teenagers can use it without fear.The activities are safe and well-organized.From Ras Al Khaimah, it takes approximately 2 hours to reach the destination.

ICE Skating Experience at Jebel Jais Mountain

The new ice rink allows visitors to skate around one of the most prominent points in UAE at 1300m above sea level.

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