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Ramayana Tour – A myth Journey Behind Diwali Story -What to Expect

During Diwali, they light rows of clay lamps in order to commemorate King Rama’s return home after he defeated Ravana and returned to the city of Ayodhya.

Depending on where a person lives, Hindus interpret the Diwali story in a different way. In spite of that, no matter where people celebrate, there is one theme that remains constant: the triumph of good over evil.

Throughout the story, there is a connection between Lord Rama and Ravana, two kingdoms, Lord Rama’s Kingdom mythological belongings find in India, Where Ravana’s in Srilanka.

The Myth Tour of Ramayana offers you a chance to explore the ruins of King Rama’s palace, throne, farmland, Lord Hanuman’s temple, spice lands, and much more as part of this exciting journey.

What to Expect at Ramayana Touin Sri Lanka?

Ussangoda – Lord Hanuman torched the area

A designated area called Ussangoda is home to a variety of biological, ecological and … Hanuman was able to set parts of Ravana’s empire on fire by using the tail of his horse as a fuel source

Lord Karthikeya Temple Visit

Lord Murugan is the deity who presides over the temple and is the principal deity. The Little Kataragama Temple is often referred to by some as the Little Kataragama Temple because of the large statues of Lord Murugan that greet visitors.

Sita Amman Temple

Sri Lanka is the only country where there is a Hindu temple dedicated to Princess Sita and it is located in the Sita Amman temple. The Ramayana temple is one of the most important places in Sri Lanka that has a connection with the Ramayana.

Hakgala Botanical gardens – where king Ravana kept depressed Sita

As part of the pleasure gardens of King Ravana, the Hakgala Botanical Gardens was one of his pleasure gardens. An excellent collection of orchids is found in this garden, which was expanded during the British period.

Divurumpola Temple – Sita perform her Agni Priksha

The Ramayana, according to Sri Lankan legend, is believed by many to be the place where Sita, who was rescued by God Rama after being saved, underwent the famous fire ordeal Agni Pariksha or “Agni” test at the Divurumpola temple. She came unscathed, proving to God Rama that she was innocent and pure as she appeared unscathed.

Ella – Ist place where Sita was hidden by Lord Ravana

It is believed that this location has been inhabited since Lord Rama’s reign was established here. As the story goes, Ravana hid Sita in a cavern where the river flows in order to escape the wrath of Lord Rama.

Sri Bhakta Hanuman Temple

In Sri Lanka, Sri Bhakta Hanuman Temple is one of the most important Hanuman Temples that resides on the summit of a very beautiful and picturesque mountain in Ramboda, which is located at a distance of 30 kilometers.

Munishwaram Temple – First temple of lord Shiva

The Munishwaram Temple is translated as the “first temple for Shiva.” During the time that I was taking a picture of the name of this temple, a Brahmin cow sat down and posed with me. The moment I felt was auspicious felt like it was the beginning of a new chapter. Munishwaram is believed to have existed before the Ramayana saga, although this has not been confirmed. There is a magical Shiva temple named Munishwaram that has a 3D rendering of the ten manifestations of Vishnu, the ten headed Ravana, Mahalakshmi, Saraswati, Durga, as well as the reclining position of Lord Vishnu.

Visit the Manavari Temple – Lord Rama built the temple to worship Ramalinga Shivan

As one of the pilgrimage sites associated with the legendary Ramayana myth in Sri Lanka, Manavari Kovil is one of the most important pilgrimage sites. When Lord Rama had won the battle with King Ravana and had managed to liberate his wife Sitadevi, it was the place where he had erected and prayed the Shiva Lingam following the victory.

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