Things to do Khorfakkan this New Year 2023

It is located in the United Arab Emirates, on the Gulf of Oman. A deep-sea port and the curved Khor Fakkan Beach are to be found in Khor Fakkan Bay, which boasts a wealth of tourism. It is surrounded by the dramatic Hajar Mountains and has a promenade running along its beachfront. In addition to ancient graves, there is also a Portuguese fort, which has been ruined over the centuries. This natural area of mountains with waterfalls and natural pools is located west of the town of Wadi Wurayah.

Things to do at Khorfakkan

Shees Park

Shees Park is a recreational park in the Khor Fakkan area in Sharjah, the United Arab Emirates, located between the villages of Shis and Wahuas. An area of 11,362 m2, an artificial waterfall measuring 25 meters high, as well as a walkway that is 506 meters long and crosses three mountain terraces connected by stone steps leading to the main viewing platform, which is located 30 meters above the main park level. Ultimately it covers an area of 11,362 m2. An area for barbecues are included in the park, as are a children’s play area, shaded seating areas for families and an outdoor play area for children.

Al Rabi Tower

At the top and bottom of the Al Rabi Tower, hikers have the opportunity to view Khorfakkan and its bay along with a stunning hiking trail. Khorfakkan’s tower is a historic monument that was built as part of a defense network in 1915, so it is a part of Khorfakkan’s history. This well-marked trail zigzags up 395m of a mountainside with panoramic views along the way with a well-marked route leading to a summit. Even though this trail is often referred to as a beginner’s hike, it is recommended you wear shoes that are designed to take on rough terrain, as well as bring plenty of water and snacks.

Khorfakkan Beach

A major attraction of this town is Khorfakkan Beach, which is known all over the world. A thriving coral reef can be seen at Khorfakkan Beach, which is situated north of the town center, a testament to the efforts of the government to conserve the marine environment. For marine life enthusiasts, it has naturally become one of the most popular spots on the island. 

Khorfakkan Artificial WaterFalls

The waterfall just right in front of the road was amazing to see, so we decided to park the car in front of Amphitheater and take a walk from there to Khorfakkan Waterfall, which is one of the most popular places in Khorfakkan. It is absolutely stunning! I am in awe of it!

Al Suhub Rest Area

The Khor Fakkan mountains offer a spectacular new hotspot with striking architecture that is sure to fascinate you. Buildings like this one are designed to resemble flying saucers due to their shape.

In addition to its circular shape, the structure has a diameter of 30 metres, which makes it one of a kind. There is almost 600 metres of elevation difference between the Al Suhub Rest House and the sea level. It is the perfect spot to soak in the views of the lush scenery from the mountaintop “cloud lounge” at the Rest House.

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