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Trekking in Bhutan is a wonderful way to experience the charm of inner The Himalayas and is very different compared to other adventures trekking in the world. The very moment you begin your trek; you will be totally de-linked from the hectic sights and sounds of urban life. This 9 days Culture & Trekking trip will take you to have a clear glimpse of virgin snow-capped mountains, trekking in alpine serenity, densely forested hillsides, and river valleys mixed with the sounds of birds and gushing streams flowing down to the temperate river valleys from the melting snow of the mighty Himalayan peaks. You will also be able to visit the 7th-century old temples to the majestic fortress standing tall overlooking the beautiful valleys. While trekking you will witness the life of mountain peoples, herding yaks, and sheep & while you complete the trek, you can experience the modern life of city folks.

Day 01: Paro (Home to the International Airport.

Day 2 Paro – Hike to tigers nest







Day 8 :Thimphu (The Capital Of Bhutan)

Day 9 : Departure



Paro (Home to the International Airport.

Fly into Paro valley on any of our national carriers. You will have glorious view of the snow-capped Himalayas. The remarkable and steep descent into the Paro valley is an awe-inspiring beginning to an adventure of a lifetime. Paro is the gateway to Bhutan, home to the only international airport. This is where you begin the journey to the land of happiness. After visa formalities and collection of baggage, you will be welcomed by the Bhutanese representative from Tripgo Tours and Travels. The charming valley of Paro comprises both the ancient as well as the modern face of Bhutan. Paro is the home to some of the oldest and most revered temple in Bhutan.

Paro – Hike to tigers nest

Today we will hike the tigers nest monastery, which is at an elevation of 3120 meters above sea level. The hike is kept for you to adjust well to the altitude and make you ready for the trek the next day. Tigers nest is the iconic attraction of Bhutan tourism and it has been hiked by Royals of England & Japan to famous celebrities of the world. Today’s acTiviTies and places To visiT: Tiger’s nest : Legend has it that Guru Rinpoche flew from Eastern Bhutan on a tigress, bringing Buddhist teachings and meditated here in a cave on this cliff for three months. This is one of the most venerated and sacred of all Buddhist sights around the world.

Druk Path Trek is one of the finest short treks in Bhutan. Leading through an ancient trading route, over high mountain passes, it connects the valleys of Paro and Thimphu. The trail passes through spectacular rhododendron forests, alpine yak pastures and beautiful lakes stocked with snowy mountain trouts. The trek begins by walking up through apple orchards and pine forest past ruined Jele Dzong (fortress), which sits on a high grassy ridge with breath-taking views of Mount Jumolhari to the north. In the next 4 days, we climb above the tree line and cross several passes, including the Phume La (4210m.). En route, we come across clear mountain lakes, number of yak herder’s camps and have splendid views of Himalaya along the Bhutan – Tibet border including Mount Jumolhari, Jichu Drake and Gangkar Puensum. Our final descent through pine and juniper forests via Phajoding monastery would lead into Thimphu, the capital city of Bhutan.


Although today’s trekking day is short, we keep slow and steady pace as altitude gain is significant. After breakfast, you will drive to the road head at the National Museum (2487m) above Paro from where you will start your trek. We will walk from the Museum heading up hill through apple orchards, smallholdings of Damchena village and pine forests. Visit Jele Dzong (3,490m), perched on a whaleback ridge. Jele Dzong is mostly in ruins and there is a Lhakhang with the statute of Buddha Sakyamuni. On a lear day, the views of Paro town far below and of mount Jomolhari (7,314m) are breathtaking. Overnight camp at 3480m.


Begin with gradually ascent and then descend below the ridgeline to walk through the trail of thick alpine forests and rhododendrons. You may see yak herders in the area. There are fascinating views of Jhomolhari and other snow capped mountains and you can also hear some monal peasants during the day. We continue our up hill walk to reach a yak herders’ pasture at Jangchulakha (3,780m) with outstanding views of the Himalayan range. We camp in a yak pasture near the hillside.


The trail follows the ridge and at times through juniper trees and dwarf rhododendrons. The views of the mountain valleys of Thimphu and Paro are sensational. After making an ascent and then a steep descent, we arrive at Jimilangtsho Lake (3,880m). The lake is famous for their giant sized trouts. Near the camp, you can have great views of 6,989m Jichu Drake, the peak representing the protective deity of Paro. Overnight camp close to Jimilangtsho Lake.


The trail takes you through dwarf rhododendron trees and bypasses the lake of Janetsho. You may come across some yak herder’s camp and get an idea how these people live. Trail winds and undulates with magnificent view of the Himalaya across deep valleys. Simkotatsho Lake (4,110m) can be seen below after crossing one final spur. We continue our trek until we reach the yak pasture where we camp for tonight.


Today you will begin with a gradual climb to a small saddle at 4,150m from where you enjoy majestic view of Mount Gangkar Puensum and other himalayan peaks on clear weather. You will then descend to another small lake and then climb to the Phume La pass (4,210m) which is adorned with beautiful prayer flags. From here, you will enjoy great view of Thimphu city far below. The trail slowly descends through junipers trees to a community hall near Phajodhing (3,870m). Walk way down hill to Thimphu through a forests of blue pine and juniper until you arrive the roadhead of Sangaygang on the outskirts of Thimphu valley.

Thimphu (The Capital Of Bhutan)

Thimphu is the capital city of Bhutan. This bustling little city is the main centre of commerce, religion and government in the country. It combines a natural small-town feel with a new commercial exuberance that constantly challenges the country’s natural conservatism and Shangri La image. Thimphu have some cafes, bars, nightclubs and restaurants. Finding a balance between the esoteric and espresso – the old and the new is the key to getting the most out of this charming city.

Buddha statue :
Overlooking the capital city, This gigantic Buddha statue is one of the largest
statues of Buddha in the world. The statue is made of bronze and is gilded in
gold. You can keep your cameras ready for some awesome instagram pictures
for a beautiful memory.
The Textile Museum :
It displays the finest art of weaving from various regions of Bhutan. You will
also be able to see the different fabrics and the intricacies of weaving. There
will be a brief audio-visual program on textiles of Bhutan.
Memorial Chorten:
Built in the honor of the late third King of Bhutan, the father of Modern Bhutan,
this Chorten is centrally located for young and old people to pray. You can
circumambulate with the locals and pray for world peace and harmony.

13 Arts & crafts :

An essential part of Bhutan’s cultural heritage are the thirteen traditional arts
and crafts that have been practiced from time immemorial. These arts were
formally categorized during the reign of Gyalse Tenzin Rabgay, the fourth
temporal ruler of Bhutan.

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