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Visiting the Museum of the Future Dubai – What you can expect

Museum of the Future Dubai invite you to experience a 3D wall of the future located in the unrealistic ambiance of OSS Hope and learn about the fascinating missions, discoveries, and inventions that OSS Hope will undertake. In addition, you can experience a 3D wall of the future associated with OSS Hope.

Take a virtual trip through the ‘Digital Amazon’ which is a mixed-reality recreation of a rainforest where you can experience the changes in climate that are taking place on our planet as time passes

The ‘DNA Library’ allows you to learn about the possible impacts of climate change on the 2000+ species of plants and animals.

‘Al Waha’ is an oasis tucked away from electronic devices that provides its users with a center for their senses and the opportunity to reconnect with themselves – a sanctuary away from devices

A glimpse into the future can be found in ‘Tomorrow Today’, located on the 2nd floor of the building

The exhibit ‘Future Heroes’, on the first floor is an excellent place to introduce your little ones to the world of design, building, and imagining.

The Museum of the Future Dubai – Information:

In a visionary effort to shape sustainable living in the future, the Dubai Future Foundation has been able to come up with a magnificent and incredibly creative project which illustrates a visionary approach. It has the capability to show the possibilities of the future and address the difficulties of the present. In addition, it houses publications, exhibitions, theaters, and attractions for the enjoyment of the public. A journey into the future awaits you at the museum as you embark on a journey into the future.

The Museum of the Future in Dubai has a lot to offer. Here is what you shouldn’t miss!
Not to be missed:

  • It would be possible to study the possibility of using the moon for renewable energy if you had the ability to inspect it from a space station 600 kilometers above the earth.

It is recommended that you view a futuristic video of Dubai as well as a simulation of the space shuttle (with countdown).

Find out what happens in the monitoring room when a new species is identified!

It’s a smart idea to make a wish in the wishing pool.

The viewing deck of the museum provides a clear view of the museum’s shell interior. A great place for pictures is the curve of the building, which makes it a great photo opportunity.

There is an interesting perspective on the future offered by the movie ‘Journey of the Future’.

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