Ramayana Tour – A myth Journey Behind Diwali Story -What to Expect

During Diwali, they light rows of clay lamps in order to commemorate King Rama’s return home after he defeated Ravana and returned to the city of Ayodhya. Depending on where a person lives, Hindus interpret the Diwali story in a different way. In spite of that, no matter where people celebrate, there is one theme […]

All About Eternal Paradise Tour of Phi Phi Islands Phuket – What to Expect?

The jungle-cloaked limestone cliffs of Thailand’s Phi Phi Islands rise majestically from the emerald waters of the Andaman Sea, oozing with lush greenery and white sand beaches slightly inland, giving way to lush tropical jungles and white sand beaches. This group of islands is known collectively as Koh Phi Phi or Ko Phi Phi and […]

The Craziest experience of Car Drive on Water

As a luxury travel destination, Dubai is well known for its high standards of living. With everything from jet skis to fancy cars to sophisticated restaurants, there is no end to the luxurious experiences. The city of Dubai has everything that you could want. It goes beyond all of that, too. The “jet-car”, to give […]

A visit to Dubai is incomplete without experiencing the best water sports in the world.

Jet Ski DubaiWith a 310 horsepower turbocharged engine, you can enjoy the peace and quiet of the azure waters while you await the thrilling action with a 310 horsepower throttle. A Jet ski rider may be able to master some fantastic Jet ski riding feats and techniques if he or she has an instructor sitting […]

Dubai and Abu Dhabi City Tour: Best Places To Visit

In most of your minds, the most obvious association of Dubai with luxurious high-rises is the Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest building in the world with a shape similar to a palm tree, which appears to sink into the sea (Palm Jumeirah), or an expensive hotel that looks like a sail on a ship […]

Visiting the Museum of the Future Dubai – What you can expect

Museum of the Future Dubai invite you to experience a 3D wall of the future located in the unrealistic ambiance of OSS Hope and learn about the fascinating missions, discoveries, and inventions that OSS Hope will undertake. In addition, you can experience a 3D wall of the future associated with OSS Hope. Take a virtual […]

Here are the must-do adventure activities in the UAE

As you float gently in a hot air balloon, you will be able to explore the iconic Dubai desert. You can see natural beauty all around you in the dawn hours during all balloon rides, as they begin just before sunrise. A short pre-flight briefing precedes the start of the Dubai hot air balloon adventure. […]

The Top 8 Things to do in Dubai | Unique Places | Tourist Places

It was a great experience discovering all the things to do in Dubai. It has been our privilege to make countless road trips across the UAE, take our visitors up and down tall skyscrapers, bump across desert dunes, enjoy delectable dining bites and thrilling theme park rides, as well as to experience the traditional Emirati […]